Animal Welfare

Taking care of animals is compassionate and responsible. We should ensure that our state laws align with our moral sense of how pets and farm animals alike ought to be treated.

As your delegate, I’ll support…

  • Ensuring that dogs and cats don’t fall into the wrong hands. Right now, banning a convicted animal abuser from owning an animal is optional. We should make this common-sense practice mandatory.

  • Banning inhumane living conditions for farm animals. Many pigs are crammed into gestation crates -- metal cages so tight they cannot even turn around. Many egg-laying hens spend their lives in battery cages so small that they cannot spread their wings. That’s no way for an animal to live. Finally, we should mandate the use of anesthesia in painful farm-related surgical procedures as is standard for dogs and cats.

  • Creating Incentives for alternative meats. The growing “clean meat” industry is seeking to grow meat the way we make some life-saving medicines: by growing it straight from cells without the need for an entire animal. Similarly, plant-based meat and milk substitutes are getting tastier and more affordable every year. Both “clean” and plant-based meats are better for the environment, virtually eliminate antibiotic reliance and bacterial contamination, and don't require us to slaughter an animal. Maryland can be the nationwide leader in alternative meat production if we to offer the right tax incentives and regulatory framework.