Improving Democracy

Elections have consequences, so we should fight tooth and nail to increase voter turnout and renew faith in our most important public resource: our democracy. As your delegate, I’ll advance...

  • Public campaign financing in state elections.  Legislation authorizing counties to publicly finance their General Assembly elections is a good on-ramp, but the eventual goal should be a statewide system that amplifies small donors and limits the influence of powerful special interests. Maryland should also strengthen its laws around “coordination” between independent expenditures and campaigns to make sure legally separate entities are actually separate and not simply pawns free from campaign restrictions.

  • Automatic voter registration, so that anyone who interacts with state government is registered unless they actively decline.  We have to remove every barrier to participation in the democratic process.  

  • Moving the gubernatorial-year primary to increase turnout.  Mid-summer primaries depress turnout.  Our primary elections should happen at a time of year when as many people as possible are around to experience the joyful spectacle of election day.  

  • Ranked choice voting, first enabling counties and then a statewide expansion.  RCV discourages negative campaigning and tactical voting and would have prevented the election of President Donald Trump, who won 13.3 million primary votes but had 16 million votes cast against him.