Growing Maryland's Economy

My parents were small business owners, and I spent a fair amount of my childhood helping out at the register or just reading a book and watching my parents run their shop.  It wasn’t easy for them.  Now, as a computer science teacher, I give kids the technical skills they need to go start businesses of their own -- perhaps business that will someday grow into something larger.  With a growing/aging population and growing need, the only way to pay for everything our community needs is to supercharge our business sector.  We have to grow our way out of this squeeze.

As your delegate, I’ll work to...

  • Improve predictability in regulations.  We need a fair marketplace that is good for both employers and workers, and everyone is best served when employers can make multi-year strategic plans to grow their businesses.  I'll seek to improve conditions for employees while actively seeking the input of our business community.  And when we make changes to employment laws, I'll advocate for roll-out schedules that give businesses time to plan accordingly.
  • Draw new large businesses by bringing state resources back to maintain our excellent public schools and to improve our transit infrastructure -- the top two things corporations look for when relocating.  Nothing draws large employers like an excellent place to live with a steady flow of highly educated potential employees.

  • Invest in Career and Technical Education and high-quality industry apprenticeships.  On top of the traditional trades, advanced manufacturing and health IT jobs are going unfilled because employers cannot find associate's-degree-level candidates.  I’ll work to fill this gap by pushing for in-demand certificate programs and industry-owned apprenticeship programs.  

  • Shear away regulations that don’t serve the public.  For example, we should look at licensed professions and conduct a cost/benefit analysis to determine whether the risks to public health and safety are worthy of a licensure procedure or whether it would better serve the public to use a certification or registration system.