Public schools are the most powerful tool we have to slingshot kids into a new social class, to make sure they’re ready to win in a rapidly changing world, and to nurture empathetic citizens who feel both ownership of and duty toward their community. I went to public schools, I teach in a public school, and I own a home whose property value is tied inextricably to the excellent local public schools. Whether or not you have kids, schools matter for all of us -- and that’s why public education is my top priority. (Read More)

Opportunity, Autonomy, and Equality for Girls and Women
Respect for girls and women should be obvious, but our culture has a long way to go. I was raised by a strong woman and come from a line of women who were teachers, doctors, and civil servants dating back to the 1800s. Now, I help train strong women who come through my classroom. I want the world to be as open for them as it was for me. (Read More)

People shouldn’t have to waste their lives sitting in traffic trying to make it home for dinner with the kids. And a Harvard study in 2015 showed that commuting time is the single strongest factor that predicts whether a family can escape poverty. We have to invest in public infrastructure that can move people to jobs and cultural institutions as safely, quickly, efficiently, and greenly as possible. (Read More)

Maryland needs to lead on climate change. Changing our current trajectory will require a wartime-like realignment of all sectors, and if it won’t happen at the federal level, we need to start making it happen here. The young people I teach can see that we aren’t getting the job done, and we owe it to them to leave the earth better than we found it. (Read More)

Growing Maryland’s Economy
My parents were small business owners, and I spent a fair amount of my childhood helping out at the register or just reading a book and watching my parents run their shop. It wasn’t easy for them. Now, as a computer science teacher, I give kids the technical skills they need to go start businesses of their own -- perhaps business that will someday grow into something larger. With a growing population and growing need, the only way to pay for everything our community needs is to supercharge our business sector. (Read More)

Empowering Young People
I have devoted most of my career to giving teenagers the academic skills and civic virtues that they need in order to live lives of purpose and prosperity. But it hasn’t been a one-way street for me; in fact, one of the first lessons I learned as a teacher was that -- as Paulo Freire writes -- education is not the filling of a bucket but rather the lighting of a fire. And if we can ignite the minds and hearts of young people, they will transform the world around them in surprising ways. (Read More)

Quality of Life
People move to this area so that they can enjoy our quiet residential neighborhoods or our bustling urban cores. While most daily quality-of-life issues are rooted in local -- rather than state -- government, I’ll still work hard as your caseworker to make sure that you’re being well served and that your interactions with the state of Maryland are positive and productive. (Read More)

Nobody should go broke just because they get sick.  When my father battled cancer last year, our whole family struggled with the daily indignities of chemotherapy.  Worrying about my parents losing their home would have been an atrocious additional layer of misery, but that’s the reality for too many Maryland families. Universal coverage is difficult to solve at the state level because of the wide variety of federal laws governing Medicare, Medicaid, and employee benefit plans, but that doesn’t mean we’re powerless. (Read More)

Supporting our Seniors
Skilled nursing care now costs over $80,000 per year. As both medical costs and the general cost of living rise, policymakers need to make sure that our elderly citizens can age in place and with dignity.  The people who built our community should be able to grow old with respect and comfort. (Read More)

Strengthening Democracy
Elections have consequences, so we should fight tooth and nail to increase voter turnout and renew faith in our most important public resource: our democracy. Let's strike at the root of corruption. (Read More)

Animal Welfare
Taking care of animals is compassionate and responsible. We should ensure that our state laws align with our moral sense of how pets and farm animals alike ought to be treated. (Read More)