Quality of Life

People move to this area so that they can enjoy our quiet residential neighborhoods or our bustling urban cores. While most daily quality-of-life issues are rooted in local -- rather than state -- government, I’ll still work hard as your caseworker to make sure that you’re being well served and that your interactions with the state of Maryland are positive and productive.

Between Bethesda and Annapolis, I’ll...

  • Fight the Federal Aviation Authority’s new air traffic routes. The route changes do not sufficiently serve the public good, and they constitute a real attack on local quality of life and local property values.

  • Bring state resources to bear on Montgomery County’s deer problem. We have eliminated all of their natural predators, and out-of-control deer populations now spread disease, overgraze forests, and cause auto accidents. We should bring in experts from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to guide a controlled hunt or contraceptive measure.

  • Advocate for consumers at the state-level regarding power, water, gas, telecom, and transportation. We already saw that the recent Pepco-Exelon merger failed to meaningfully improve service; I’ll watch for future such situations and speak for you ahead of business interests.

  • Pursue safety along busy state-maintained roads like River Road, Wisconsin Avenue, etc. We have to make sure these roads are safe for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.