Skilled nursing care now costs over $80,000 per year. As both medical costs and the general cost of living rise, policymakers need to make sure that our elderly citizens can age in place and with dignity.  The people who built our community should be able to grow old with respect and comfort.   In Annapolis, I’ll work toward...

  • New incentives for the purchase of long-term care insurance, especially plans that cover in-home care.  This is a crucial way to control Medicaid costs and make sure seniors are financially secure and well taken care of. LTCI means seniors don’t need to spend down their assets in order to accelerate their Medicaid eligibility.

  • State grants and coordination for organic “village” communities where large swathes of the population are approaching senior age at the same time.  We should bring support services to areas like this so that the communities can remain intact. And we should seek state grant money for Naturally Occurring and Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

  • Safeguards for seniors targeted for fraud, scams, identity theft, etc. Desperation leads some seniors to take financial risks. Let’s also pursue retirement homes billing for services not provided or not medically necessary.