Why I'm Running

Every day in my computer science classroom, I catch a glimpse of the best our country has to offer and the future I want for Maryland. I get to help students challenge themselves at the highest levels and set themselves up to win in a future economy that we can’t even totally comprehend. I get to share my experience in the private sector and everything I learned while I was in the tech industry. I get to help them use those lessons to become problem solvers who care about serving others and making the world a better place. And I get to do it a public school that cares about giving all students that opportunity, no matter their background.

website-Running-AnnapolisProtestHead-on--350.jpgPublic schools drew my parents to Montgomery County after they immigrated from India as university students in the early '80s. They believed in the central truth of this place: If you work hard, your kids will have a better life than you -- because this is America, and in America, talent rises to the top and your bank account isn’t your destiny. My parents’ hard work and Montgomery County’s excellent public schools slingshotted the family from struggling immigrant students to civil servants and business owners in a single generation.

That story was true for me and my family, and I want the same for my students and for all Marylanders: Excellence and opportunity for everyone thanks to investments in public institutions that turn right back around and invest in people. But like a lot of people these days, I’m worried that that future is in danger because the ideas and institutions that make it possible are under attack in Annapolis and across the country. And that’s as true for schools as it is for transit, the environment, healthcare access, and our economy.

I want to be a voice for public institutions that make stories like mine possible for families across Maryland. I want to make it easier to raise a family, move around the region, start a business, and age with dignity and comfort. That’s why I’m running to represent district 16 in Maryland’s House of Delegates this June. I hope to hear your thoughts and your hopes and, ultimately, to earn your vote so that we can do this work together.