Opportunity, Autonomy, and Equality for Women of All Ages

Respect for girls and women should be obvious, but our culture has a long way to go. I was raised by a strong woman and come from a line of women who were teachers, doctors, and civil servants dating back to the 1800s. Now, I help train strong women who come through my classroom. I want the world to be as open for them as it was for me.

As your delegate, I’ll fight for…

  • Women’s economic security. Over 70% of Maryland’s low-wage workers are women, and they unfairly shoulder the lion’s share of family and domestic work. It’s time to give them a raise -- and to change our culture so that work at home is shared more evenly across the family. I’ll support a real earned sick leave policy, paid family/medical leave, childcare subsidies, equal pay for women, a statewide $15 wage, and other policies that even out the playing field for women.

  • More abundant and more affordable reproductive healthcare so that women can access the full span of family planning choices. Equal rights and equal pay means that women have to have autonomy over their bodies and control over their family planning decisions.

  • Early investment in girls that gets them on track for high-school and college success in math, science, and engineering. I spend every day with immensely talented girls in my computer science classes, but I know how uneven access is to the kind of early STEM experiences that get kids on the right path. That’s why I started the STEM Talent Pipeline Program -- which is over half girls -- here in Montgomery County, and it’s why I’ll continue to advocate for more resources at the state level.

  • Sexual assault prevention and support for survivors. All middle- and high-school health classes should include education about affirmative consent so that young people know their rights and respect the limits of others. Every young person -- especially on our state’s college and university campuses -- deserves to feel safe and welcome. And for survivors whose traumatic experiences lead to a pregnancy, I’ll support the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act, which would terminate the parental rights of rapists and prevent the survivor’s name from being printed in the newspaper, which state law currently requires when the rapist-parent cannot be located.